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15 September, 2016 Issue #47 - Koustas & Co Named As A Finalist In The 2016 Australian Accounting Awards

"Winning isn't everything - but wanting to win is" - Vince Lombardi Jr.
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12 August, 2016 Issue #46 - Which Budget Announcements Will Become Reality?

The Coalition has formed Government but what happens now to all those Budget announcements? We take a look at which announcements are likely to pass Parliament and why. While the Senate count continues, like the last Parliament, the Coalition will not have a majority in the Senate. The Government needs the support of Labor, the Greens, or a combination of smaller parties and/or independents to successfully push through its Budget reforms. From the outset we know that there will be immedia
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02 June, 2016 Issue #43 - Buying or selling property? The 1 july tax problem you didn't know you had

New rules to prevent foreign residents avoiding tax when they sell Australian property will affect everyone buying or selling property with a market value of $2 million or more from 1 July 2016. Many transactions involving shares in a company or units in a trust will also be caught.
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10 May, 2016 Issue #42 | Growing to death

A warning on bank advice and a timely reminder of the growth paradox: how even mature businesses can grow to death.
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30 March, 2016 Issue #40 - FBT 2016 & Collectibles held by SMSF's

This month we highlight and discuss the looming deadline on how collectibles held by SMSF's will need to be treated post-1 July 2016 and also, we give you the things you need to know in terms of managing FBT from 1 April 2016 and onwards
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04 February, 2016 Issue #39 - How do you create certainty in uncertain times?

So - how do you create certainty in uncertain times? Much of what we do personally to grow and protect our wealth, and commercially for the businesses we manage is subject to unpredictability and change. We look at the implications of change on you, your business and your superannuation.
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04 December, 2015 Issue #38 | Merry Christmas

In this issue, we outline our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season for your customers, your team, Christmas parties, gifts for staff, and for you. In somewhat of a switch-up, our Quote of the Month is not only with us again – but it also leads off this edition. Difficult to argue or find fault with the sentiment.
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