Sell your business

Make your business investor and sale ready.

Would your business be an attractive proposition for a potential third party acquirer or internal management buyout?

If you want to sell your business within the next 5 years, you should be prepared for that sale and maximise the inherent value well in advance of any sales activity.  


Do you know what your business is worth? Do you understand your 'walk-away' price?

 Do you know how to improve the value of your business?


Are you the main point of contact for suppliers and customers?

Do you continue to generate the majority of the revenue for the business?


Are the procedures and policies of the business documented?

Could an acquirer step in and quickly understand how to run your operation?

Services (non exhaustive):

  • Transaction & restructures;
  • Capital raising;
  • Exit strategies;
  • Due diligence;
  • Business valuations; and
  • Business health checks

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