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31 August, 2015 Issue #34 | The risky business of dying

This month, we look at what happens when a fellow business partner dies unexpectedly and beyond the personal trauma, the resultant impact on your company. Also, we’ve included a refresher on rental property deductions for all those landlords out there and announce a fundraising initiative that’s particularly close to our hearts.
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01 July, 2015 Issue #33 | Landlords beware: key issues for property investors

This month, we explore some of the more topical discussions around property investment.
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01 June, 2015 Issue #32 | Should you give your employees shares in your company?

There is a lot being written about employee share schemes (ESS) right now. And rightly so. Reforms before Parliament will make these schemes more attractive with a common sense approach to how they are taxed and special incentives for start up companies to share the rewards of growth with the people who help create that growth.
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