Accountants for ecommerce businesses

Accountants for eCommerce businesses

We are specialists in accounting, tax and strategic advisory for eCommerce businesses. We are experienced in leading the accounting and finance function for established pure-play and hybrid B2C eCommerce companies. Our corporate advisory division has assisted in the growth of many modern eCommerce businesses who require specific skills.

We assist entrepreneurs and Boards of established eCommerce businesses who are growing and wanting to scale.

We understand that eCommerce business owners are primarily concerned with:

  • Being confident in product margins and knowing true costs (factoring in per unit costs, import duties, warehousing charges, freight, taxesetc) and setting the RRP which considers the market, competitors and delivers the required margin;
  • Ongoing tracking of product margins and analysis of product margins overall, but also at the product SKU level, sales channel level etc., to ensure regular reporting and revising of variables when required;
  • Understanding what level of operating costs structure should be setbased on sales targets and product margins to ensure the business is profitable and able to fund growth;
  • Understanding what the sales targets should be based on inventory levels, forecast purchases, stock turnover ratios (internal vs external benchmarking etc);
  • Ensuring tax and compliance aspects are dealt with – both local compliance obligations and international compliance obligations (e.g., where a business houses stock on a 3PL offshore);
  • Having confidence that the cash flow and management of working capital of the business is in expert hands and owners can rely on the finance function to control and identify issues well in advance; and
  • When funding is required to scale, determining the most appropriateform of funding—debt vs equity etc.

The industry is highly competitive and we understand the key drivers, market trends and regulations that are important for success. We provide services to assist with:

  • Structuring your business to ensure the protection of your intellectual property (IP);
  • Strategic planning for growth and scale;
  • Price modelling for growth strategy to deliver on profit targets;
  • International tax strategies and advice for entering new jurisdictions;
  • Sell side due diligence and transaction support;
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasting;
  • Managing working capital;
  • Importing and exporting;
  • Management accounting and industry bench marking; and
  • Income tax planning.

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